Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A couple of older scribblings

Defined (2/5/2008)

When you walked out on me today
You took away my hope and my heart
Left me with nothing but empty memories
I promised you my every tomorrow
You turned everything I said into dust
Poisoned words lying in shallow graves
Merely faithless letters of forgotten dreams
I can no longer see my own reflection
I'd built it out of every day I had spent with you
Now it has all but burned away
By the boiling tears that scar my sight
Frightened and anxious moments
The scavengers of who I was
Every day after today has no more meaning
I will always be defined by yesterday with you.

Sand and Wind (2/17/2007)

Lost amongst the desert of tears
Scattering in the wind
All my tears have turned to dust
My life is dry
My heart is sand
I fail just in time to fail yet again
You pass me by as if I'm a mirage
Merely a reflection of a person
In a mirror in which no one gazes
An identity, that no one notices
A ghost, a phantom to her
I lose her everytime I try to find her
I am lost inside my own eyes
Trapped underneath my thoughts of her
Gasping for air, grasping for hope
But all there is is sand in the desert
Sand and wind
And the wind just blows my heart away
Wind. . . Me. . . Her. . . Nothing


I remember who you are...
You are strong, when I cannot rise up off my knees
You are bridge, when it seems things are too far away to reach
You are heart, when all my will has disappeared
You are courage, when all I want to do is hide my face
You are calm, when turmoil and chaos surround me
You are faith, when it seems nothing will ever turn out right
You are hope, when I glance into your eyes
You are breath, when it seems I've no more air around me
You are sight, when I stumble blindly from day to day
You are voice, whenever words can't describe it
You are love, and I am lost without you.