Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This Is Just A Test Of The Emergency Speechy Speech System.

Ok. . . Giving this ish a try. Please excuse my frequent use of the literary "ellipsis" as it has become a habit.

First off, I'd like to welcome all of you (read no one) out there who decided to peruse my initial foray into blogging! One might ask "What in the hell would make you think that anyone cares what you have to say?" and they might have a valid point. . . My retort? I will not shy away from anything. I am filled with opinions and will openly express them when I feel it necessary, and I welcome your opinions on my opinions (even if they are made entirely up from dangling participles (no reason to include that, I've just been looking for a place to use "dangling participle" in an other than sexual nature)).

What might I talk about? (AGAIN with the questions? You're so demanding today!) Subjects will include sports (most often referring to the state of the Dallas area teams: GO STARS, MAVS, COWBOYS, and RANGERS!!), religion, politics, sex, emotion, TV, movies, music, photography, work, or basically whatever pops into my head that sends an electrical impulse to my brain causing my fingers to hack away at my poor keyboard (I type with PURPOSE, dammit!).

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @MTWilx for brief opinions.

I have not decided if this will be updated daily or not yet, but I can imagine that some days will include multiple entries. I will do my best to respond to any and all comments (I do have moderation on, but will most likely approve all comments unless they include threats or violence toward myself or other posters).

Let's see how this goes! It could be the ultimate in FAIL! I'm setting my sites for BEYAWESOME!

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